Response 2 101 100-word response 1 reference Kevin The concept of cloud computing will assist the security managers in allowing the “load” of data t

100-word response 1 reference


The concept of cloud computing will assist the security managers in allowing the “load” of data to not be stored locally but in a place where the data is handled by a more sophisticated manager or company. The small business or organization will still have access to the data but it will be outsourced by a more manageable asset. This frees up the small businesses or organizations to not get bogged down trying to manage an ocean of information in a teacup. This move is what the author (Fay, J., 2010 Ch. 17 pg.320) calls tactical and strategic in terms of money and accessibility.  

An example of how the concentric layers concept can relate to the access control and computers is simply by having a process of application to gain access. For instance, first off, you will need to have a system parameter that will not allow access without proper credentials. Like a login and password feature to access any systems. This access is or can be viewed as your first line of defense. 

Secondly, you will need to have someone who monitors the network system for detection of any intrusion without authority or access. This is in the likeliness of having a physical presence or security officer there to check or challenge someone who is attempting to gain access. Just because you have access does not mean you are without your own agenda. Insider threats are just as dangerous if not more so than outsider threats. 

Thirdly you will need to have a mitigation or plan of action to have in case something does go wrong. This action plan must have key roles in responding to any infiltration and recovery of any information that may have been compromised.  

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