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Increased Gun Control Ineffectiveness Body of Research

LeTroye’ Lang

Columbia Southern University


Research has proven that there has been a failure in American governance in terms of policy creation and implementation. The government has created policies that do not handle the issue of gun control amicably and there has been a lack of seriousness in the implementation process. For instance, the policies are weak in the sense that they do not handle the issue of insecurity and at the same time, the policies do not hinder further supply and access of guns among citizens. As stated by Goss, (2018); people are never in support of gun policies because they are a high presence of illegal guns and this makes gun policies have limited or no impact on members of the public. Another research also proved that the policies are not designed in a manner that can handle the issue in a serious manner as the issue is from the fact that many people have been able to argue against the policies in a court of law and the judiciary would rule in favor of gun users. Nevertheless, there are many other factors behind the ineffectiveness of increased gun control.

According to Kleck, (2021); the lack of balanced policies is yet another reason identified in the research. it has been noted that despite the increased gun policies fighting against the high presence of a gun, only ordinary citizens appear to be targeted by the policies. For instance, the laws allow people who can prove the reason they need to remain in possession of a gun to apply to get authorized by the government. However, the reasons acceptable by the government can only apply to the wealthy in the society and this means middle and low-income earners are left out. For instance, one must prove how his/her life is in danger and the presence of a gun would increase personal security with the main reason accepted being personal protection from the socio-economic and political stands that one might have in the society (Goss, 2018). This is to mean that it is hard for increased gun policies to take effect since they are only applied to some people something that triggers negative attitude and feelings among the members of society that feels secluded.

Mass shootings that America has experienced over the years have been a major contributor to increased gun control ineffectiveness (Reeping, et al., 2019). Whenever members of the public get exposed to mass shootings either as criminals try to escape a scene crime or during the terrorist attack, it creates reasons why people should tighten security on personal levels. For instance, in 1984 during Palm Sunday, in 1975 during the Easter Sunday massacre, and in 2009 in Binghamton among many other attacks where members of the public in possession of guns managed to save themselves and few others while those without guns remained completely vulnerable and at the mercy of attackers (Barney & Schaffner, 2019). Also, when criminals attack homes or offices, it has been noted that the presence of guns among homeowners’ scares criminals thereby reducing levels of success in their crimes. Such occurrences communicated to the people they need to have guns at all times they are not aware of when mass shootings or any other kind of attack can take place thereby creating a reason to be ready with arms at all times something that makes many not to support gun control policies.

According to Goss (2018); research found out that increased gun control policies have been ineffective because even legalized guns have been used to commit a crime and no action has been taken by the government. There have been a lot of cases where law enforcers and citizens registered guns have been used and identified by investigators as having been used in crime scenes but the persons in charge remain free. For instance, police have been accused of lending out their guns to criminals and when such weapons get confiscated, the police use manipulative strategies to get their designated weapons back and conceal the crime (Metzl, 2019). The same also happens when guns registered under rich people and politicians are used to commit the crime, the law is normally bent to favor the gun owner. It is such practices the government allows to take place under their watch that make many to never support increased gun control policies leading to their ineffectiveness.


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