Soc Attached 3 Page Essay: Answer the following questions: Suggested: Questions:


3 Page Essay: Answer the following questions: Suggested: Questions:


What specific parts of the film(s) and the article(s) did you find the most interesting? In your thought and opinion, and what is the purpose of these films, in your opinion Is gender genetically based, or do we learn to be feminine or masculine? What sexual stereotypes does our culture create?

What parts of the film(s) and the article(s) did you find yourself most in agreement with? 

Where would you want to push or challenge these film(s) or the article(s) and any of the film’s or article’s concepts? Do you think that these films or articles could have missed something or added something?

How would you define a strong female and role model and what could males learn from these articles and films and videos? In your opinion. And who is your female role model? What role do boys need to play here? When it comes to sports—Is is feminine to be physical

What are some of the points in the film(s) videos and the articles do you personally feel is the most important and why?  What about the NCAA and their treatment and decision in regards to not letting Darnelia play? And what about the coaches teaching and managing style? Was he too harsh?

what are some of the messages that the media is sending to young girls and boys?  What as a society can we do better? So what does it mean to be a good female role model in contemporary culture? 

If you have been in the public school system, what were the best and worst aspects of your education. If you have experience with a private, charter, or home school program, what are also your favorite and least favorites aspects of that experience? If you could be superman and make any changes in the education system—regardless of cost or difficulty—what would you change and why?

Where do you think that the United States ranks when compared with other countries in math and language proficiency? What makes a good teacher? What are some of the characteristics of a failing school? What did you think of Michelle Rhea’s efforts?

Do you think the arts and humanities should have a place in today’s educational programs when many students continue to struggle with basic reading and math skills?

Several major stories are presented in the film: the history of public education in America, and the stories of individual children and families striving for the best possible education. Which kids story or stories touched you the most? (Daisy, Francisco, Anthony, Bianca, Emily)

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