Source Map Assignment (Done In Word Doc Below) Answer in the word doc “source map assignment” provided below Description: Now that you’ve selected your fin

 Answer in the word doc “source map assignment” provided below


Now that you’ve selected your final research topics that you will build upon for the last 4 weeks of this course, we are going to take a deep dive into research and source evaluation. To this point, you’ve had experience evaluating other author’s arguments, sources, logic, and claim types and now it’s your turn to try your hand at crafting a multidimensional and hybrid argument of your own.

The choices we make surrounding what kinds of source material help us form our arguments are rhetorical choices. Selecting high quality source material and practicing ethical and sound research is not only important in the context of academia but can tremendously increase your writerly ethos when done well. Using research strategies and techniques outlined by our authors alongside practicing important source annotation techniques will be the first and most vital step in crafting your final hybrid argument and extended research pa.PER.

Module Objectives:

1. Integrate outside perspectives into texts 

2. Distinguish high quality source materials 

3. Practice accurate citation style and MLA formatting conventions 

Chapter Readings:

  • Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing 2e, Issue 6 “More Than Detective Work”  p. 220-253
  • Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings 11e 
    • Chapter 4 “Using Evidence Effectively” p. 52-66
    • Chapter 16 “Finding and Evaluating Sources” p. 341-359
    • Chapter 17 “Incorporating Sources into Your Own Argument” p. 360-374
    • Chapter 18 “Citing and Documenting Sources” p. 375-396


Follow the prompts in the Source Map Assignment 

Week 5: Evaluating Source Material

Source Map Assignment

The focus of this week is to cultivate strong rhetorical awareness and critical research skills. In order for others to take your argument and rhetoric seriously, you need to seriously vet and select appropriate source material for your research topic. Knowing that invention and planning are critical steps in the writing process, you must complete the below research exercises and design a source map below.

My approved Paper topic is:

Part 1: Using Evidence Effectively [textbook pages 52-66]

4.1 Kinds of Evidence: Define the categories of evidence in your own words, as defined by your textbook, using pages 53-55. Check the box if this type of evidence might be useful for your extended research and proposal argument.

Data from Personal Experience:

Data from Interviews, Questionnaires, and Surveys:

Data from Library or Internet Research:


Statistical Data:

4.2 Persuasive Use of Evidence: Rhetorician, created, the STAR criteria that aims to hold evidence for arguments to a particular standard for effective use.





4.3 Rhetorical Understanding of Evidence: Using pages 62-65 of your textbook,

rhetorical strategies you plan on using when framing evidence, specific to

your research topic and
this strategy works for your topic. Do not merely copy the bolded strategies; rather, bring your actual research topic into discussion and explain why the strategies you selected will be the
way to frame the evidence in order to make an effective argument.




Part 2: Finding and Evaluating Sources [textbook] 342-359

16.2 Thinking Rhetorically About Evidence

1. After reviewing table 6.1, what is the definition of peer reviewed sources and why do we care? Are peer reviewed sources important for your paper topic?

2. What is the difference between degree of
and degree of
? Why is this important in composition?

16.3 Finding Sources: Under this section, what are the five common sources a composition student might use to find information about a topic (hint: the blue headings)? Which of these sources are you planning on using for your paper?

16.4 Selecting and Evaluating Sources: Thinking back to our Rhetorical Analysis unit and table 16.1, what strategies does your book provide for reading with Rhetorical Awareness? Why is this important for your paper?

1. Considering you will likely use online sources to complete this research paper, what is the difference between .edu, .com, and .org? Just because it’s commercial, does it mean it’s a bad source?

What are 5 potential Keywords you anticipate using for Database research?






Are there any other keywords you can add to your search terms? If so, list them below:

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