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 Why Is STEM Education So Important? | Engineering For Kids 

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  Preschool STEM Activities – The Stem Laboratory 

The state I live in: Michigan

Here is the link to week 2 assignment for the classroom set up:

There are several early childhood curriculum activities that support the development of cognitive processes, science knowledge, and math knowledge. In Chapter 10 of your text, Jaruszewicz (2019) offers an explanation of these areas of development and ideas for educators and families to support these areas. You will use the knowledge you have gained from Chapter 10 and this week’s required readings to further elaborate on the ideal classroom you created in Week 2 of this course. Your elaboration will focus specifically on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

To prepare for this discussion,

· Read Chapter 10: Cognitive Development, Mathematics, and Science.

· Review the resources Why Is STEM Education so Important? (Links to an external site.)Kids in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (Links to an external site.), and Preschool STEM Activities (Links to an external site.).

Review the classroom you designed in Week 2 of class, considering the feedback you received from your instructor.

For your initial post:

· Explain your ideal STEM classroom. Your description must include:

· A list of specific materials your STEM classroom will have.

· A specific activity that teaches/reinforces each STEM component:

· One activity that incorporates science

· One activity that incorporates technology

· One activity that incorporates engineering and

· One activity that incorporates math

· A description of how your activities and/or classroom is aligned to standards (these can be your state standards and/or NAEYC standards previously covered in Week 1 of class).

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