THEO 650 Research Paper: Final Assignment (Gluttony) Follow all direction that is given in the “Uplo Religion / Theology – Coursework

Follow all direction that is given in the “Upload Files Section”

***INSTRUCTIONS****  This paper is worth 300 points)


•    What is the biblical understanding of feasting, fasting, and the proper role of food in the Christian life?

The paper must be 3500-5000 words long, and use the Bible appropriately, along with at least 10 additional high quality sources.  Church websites are not appropriate for this assignment and Journal Articles must be used only sparingly (no more than two). Websites of official organizations related to the topic, or government agencies and educational institutions, (such as abortion opponent groups, and advocates) may be used for factual information and statistics. Sensational type advocacy sites, sites that polemicize on the matter, must be avoided). Course texts should not be used in this assignment. The paper must follow Turabian and School of Divinity guidelines as to formatting, style, grammar, and graduate quality of work.
The paper will be produced in three stages, first, the topic, thesis, and preliminary bibliography; next will come then the outline, abstract, and full bibliography; the final paper (with at least 10 sources used). Due the third, sixth, and seventh modules of the course.

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