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To help integrate what you are learning each week, as well as to help you illustrate your growing subject matter expertise, you’ll complete a blog-style post that focuses in some way on one or more of the topics covered the first week of class.  The post must be a minimum of 200 words in length (including the post title) with no maximum limitation.  They should be tailored to fit the personal/professional brand or expertise that you’re trying to develop. 

Your post should go beyond merely reiterating what was covered in the course materials. Imagine that you have an audience (followers, readers, etc). Your post should show your target audience(s) how to apply marketing concepts, techniques, or technologies to real-world problems or opportunities for which they have an interest.  Your post can be serious, light-hearted, tell stories or experiences, give advice, offer critiques of marketing practices you encounter, make comparisons across companies or techniques, describe innovative marketing practices, predict the future of marketing, etc.  The key is that they must be (1) informative to your target audience and (2) pertain in some way to the week’s material for this course.  Other than that, you have free reign.  Remember that the tone, style, voice, and mood of your writing is up to you, but you should always consider what would work best for your target audiences.  You may even decide to have a general theme to your posts, perhaps staying focused on a particular industry or region or marketplace. Don’t forget to add hyperlinks to any source you cite and to add pictures to increase its visual engagement.

The post must be completed as instructed and submitted on time: by 11:59:00pm on the due date.  No late submissions will be accepted for credit.

Ideas for this week’s Application Post

Below are some ideas of topics or areas that you could write about for this week’s materials.  Note that these are only prompts to get your creative juices flowing; you can use one of them or make up your own!  You can write about one of the the main topics from one of this week’s modules or just a small mention of something that sparked your curiosity (or anything in between).  Remember, your post must be (1) informative to your target audience and (2) pertain in some way to the week’s materials for this course.

1. Definition of Marketing

2. Define: Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion)

3. Branding

4. Marketing Plan & Marketing Strategy

5. Segments, Targets, and Brand Positioning

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