Understanding Movies 2 Gabriella Discussion 1 Hello All, Compare the content and style with modern comedy. What I found most interesting about silent


Discussion 1

Hello All,

Compare the content and style with modern comedy.

What I found most interesting about silent comedy films versus modern comedy films was how they delivered humor to the audience. The Gold Rush was presented in such a way that it drew the audience in by creating a setting and offering amusing sequences that offered the spectator a visual sense of humor. Upon watching Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush, I was simply astounded at how uninformed I was about silent comedy and how it truly has a distinctive influence on modern comedy. Modern comedy uses humor to influence and inform the audience through dialogue or jokes that give the audience a feeling. Silent comedy, in my opinion, should make a significant comeback because society as a whole is constantly evolving and providing new generations with opportunities and a whole new perspective on how far we have come. Although, bringing back humor like The Gold Rush may only appeal to a limited audience because some people are uninterested, I believe this is a wonderful method to reflect on how history has progressed.

Are there physical comedians today that can compare to Chaplin?

Despite the fact that physical comedians exist today, none can truly compare to Charlie Chaplin. No one has made as much of an impact as Charlie Chaplin, whose popularity is unmatched. Nevertheless, in today’s society, I did find someone who is expected to bring 2022 humor through physical comedy. According to Amore, “Sebastian Maniscalco is climbing the ranks to become one of America’s favorite comedians” (2022). Upon further research, I discovered that I had never heard of the comedian, and from what I can tell, he is truly inspiring the world through his “expressive and physical humor” (Amore, 2022).  

Do modern comedies have the same blend of comedy and romance?

I think that modern comedies have shifted over time, producing films that shed light on other genres. Romance comedies are anticipated to make a big turnaround this year, with famous celebrities attracting the audience’s attention. According to Polk, “since we’ve been dealing with a deadly pandemic for the past two years, rom-coms are exactly the positive force we need to help up get through hard times” (2022). Often, romantic comedies are over-romanticized, which can derail the viewer because they believe it is deceiving. Personally, I prefer comedy and romance, especially when the actors are contemporary and give the film a more realistic feel.

Do you feel the humor of the silent comedies holds up and why or why not?

Although I have a strong interest in silent comedies, I believe that persuading someone to feel the same way in Hollywood would result in a different perspective. I believe Chaplin was a true genius during his time but making that type of film in today’s society may have a different effect. Since technology has advanced so quickly and has taken control of the mind and body, many people would expect much more than what was available back then, especially since we have altered our minds to feel a different way when viewing entertainment. The expectations that society has today do not appear to correspond with silent comedies and what we desire today.


Discussion 2

The absence of sound is the most noticeable difference between silent cinema comedy and modern films. Despite the fact that silent films are exactly that, silent, today’s films are jam-packed with sound. The Gold Rush, a 1925 picture, was certainly not what I am used to seeing in current movies. The picture was definitely well-made, and the performers delivered outstanding performances. Charlie Chaplin was good at crafting jokes that did not immediately jump to the punchline, but instead built up the tension of the joke, which made it more hilarious to me. The primary illustration of this can be when the small tramp moves on an edge and it is all blanketed and dangerous, so at any point he can drop and he steps, slides and slides without any clear sense of course. Certainly, Chaplin was not paying exceptionally near consideration to what is around him, so a huge bear develops out from behind him and starts looking for after him up and down the mountain. That alone gave the scene a sensational pressure that a bear might harm Chaplin or something critical was about to happen, but nothing did conclusion up taking put. The bear ultimately made its own way to the cave. Chaplin had no idea a bear was involved in the surgery, which is humorous in anticipation of what may have happened. In my opinion, modern comedies have the same mixture of comedy and romance. For example, Deadpool is a great comedy with a lot of dry humor that works remarkably well. The author devises a clever method to include a romance with both Wade Wilson and Vanessa. Silent comedies’ comedy, in my opinion, holds up since there is no spoken in a silent picture, thus the viewer must rely on his imagination. To understand the film, you must stimulate your mind to take into account what the characters are trying to say, what they are accomplishing, and what their points of view are. The plot of silent films is considerably easier than that of talking films. The storylines are basic since viewers may become confused if there is no discussion. Actors in silent films must express themselves significantly more than actors in talking pictures. They must exaggerate what they’ve done since they must transmit a tale via sight rather than words. While viewing the silent picture, I saw that the performers needed to be dramatic by using theatrical facial expressions and hand motions.

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