Understanding Movies craig Discussion 1 Admiral Cigarette (1897) is an advertising short film that used comedy and music with rooftop projection


Discussion 1

Admiral Cigarette (1897)
 is an advertising short film that used comedy and music with rooftop projection selling cigarettes. These techniques are still being used, like the Volkswagen commercials with cross-cutting editing.



In The Gilded Cage (1915)
. The wealth and love plot is the bases for entertainment even today. The Gilded cage also was edited using contrast editing and narratives with text on the screen. Although there was no sound or music, the Essanay film manufacturing company used the viewers’ imagination.  


The U.S. Navy of 1915 (1915

) The standard editing style used were cross-cutting, contrast editing, Close up shots, and continuity editing. The Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels theory was correct that recruiters are still using these films in all branches.


Mutt and Jeff: On Strike (1920)
 Okay, I enjoyed this the most; it reminded me of Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes, telling my age here. I would say the Stop motion technique was used during the making of this film.


Pathe News No. 15 (1992)
 The cross-cutting and parallel editing technique is used here. Today, news today uses the same technique but with news forecasters instead of text on the screen.


Hollywood Snapshots (1922)
 The use of text on the screen to relay the conversation to viewers like many other silent films. The shot length technique, in the beginning, sets the stage for the beginning of the movie. The cross-cutting and similar editing techniques were also used. The tv series that came to mind while watching this film would be “The Beverly Hillbillies.”


In The Great Train Robbery (1903) 
I noticed similar editing techniques used in “The U.S. Navy of 1915.” The use of music sets the movie’s tone with the viewers’ imagination. You would see these techniques in musicals or plays in today’s entertainment.


            Each method utilized portrayed the story from different perspectives of the directors. In today’s cinematic experience, they are still being used. The directors have the same baselines from drama, comedy, horror, or action. Each one tells stories or relays a message to reach all viewers because we think differently and obtain information on different levels.


Discussion 2

The Gilded Cage (1915) – This film has the common plot of wealth can’t buy love or happiness. This was evident when Eloise chose not to sacrifice her dream of wealth and chooses to marry a rich man instead of a poor one. However, the common plot takes place when the man she marries turns out to be a drunk who stays out all night. Essentially turning her envious of her step sister who marries the poor person she once loved. 

U.S. Navy of 1915 – I consider this film to fall into two categories. It has no special effects and remained true to what the Navy did. Due to that, I consider it to be a documentary. On the other hand, showing the massive ships along with heavy weaponry makes it a showcase piece. This would certainty convince uninformed politicians of the time that the Navy is hard work, and that money spent on it isn’t wasted. 

Admiral Cigarette (1897) – Showing a product name within every frame this makes it a commercial. It also shows people being happy using these cigarettes. Which is another common plot in commercials today. 

Mutt and Jeff: On Strike (1920) – This film has the plot of workers revolting or striking against their boss in an attempt to better their work conditions. The workers happen to be cartoon drawings that interact with real people. I’m unsure of a proper plot name for this however this style of plot occurs in modern movies like 1996’s Space Jam. 

The Great Train Robbery (1903) – A group of robbers team up to rob a train loaded with people and goods. A couple of explosions take place and it ends with a shootout. I consider this to be a action movie that has high-stakes to keep a viewer’s attention. Moreover, it reminds me of James Bonds films due to the gunshot at the camera at the very end. 


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