Unit 5 Complete Business & Finance homework help


Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2021). Principles of marketing (18th ed.). Pearson.

-1200 words (not including questions/references)

-3 scholarly resources (the textbook may be used as 1 scholarly resource).

Read “Company Case LEGO: Making the World a Better Place – One Brick at a Time” at the end of Chapter 20.

·  Discuss the concept of sustainable marketing and explain whether you believe TLG practices sustainable marketing. What are the five sustainable marketing principles, and which one best describes TLG’s approach? 

·  Assess TLG’s competitive advantage and discuss the basic steps in analyzing TLG’s competitors? Should LEGOS think of themselves as a toymaker? Explain why or why not.

·  In addition to the case, review the LEGO website at https://www.lego.com/en-us/aboutus/lego-group/. Discuss the set of tactical marketing tools – product, price, place, and promotion – that TLG blends to produce the response it wants in their target market. 

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