Use Of Probability And Z Scores In Research To Get Better Results Discussion: This week was our first foray into the tantalizing field of probabilities an


This week was our first foray into the tantalizing field of probabilities and z scores.  Oftentimes, probability questions tend to cause confusion for even scientifically inclined people.  Regardless of the confusion, probabilities and associated z scores are foundational to statistics and research designs.  For this discussion thread, answer the three questions below.

(1) Based on the readings this week, what do you (as a researcher) think is the most useful probability tenet/concept for supporting the results of your research?

(2) In this course (and likely several other courses in your graduate program), you will encounter statements about some result being “statistically significant”.  If you had to explain “statistically significant” to someone with little or no prior background in probability theory, how would you explain it?  [For this question, just do your best to reduce this complex concept into the simplest explanation you can; again, there is no one right answer.]

(3) Using any of the articles you identified earlier in this course for use in your research, provide an example of either (a) how the author(s) used probabilities or z scores in their research, or (b) perhaps could have used probabilities or z scores in their research.  Note: Not every research article will include probabilities or z scores and not all research would necessarily require their use.  If you think this is the case for your selected article, then state so and provide your rationale as to why based on the readings this week.

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