W10.3 P1 Please watch the video and share and exchange your reactions. What did you find interesting? What are some challenges of ADHD and how do you feel



Please watch the video and share and exchange your reactions. What did you find interesting?

What are some challenges of ADHD and how do you feel about medicating children? What did you learn from the video and etc?

Medicating Kids


View this attached essay to view a sample of a paper with many organizational, grammar, and formatting issues. Please identify the thesis statement AND discuss which introduction strategies the writer could have employed to effectively generate interest in the topic (hint – it can be a combination of strategies). Next, refer to the body of the essay, are there any issues that could have been avoided by using an outline? Did you make any of these types of errors in the first draft of your paper? 


Sometimes you get some bad kids who need a good butt-whooping. In this paper it will not be about butt-whooping but we will talk about kids and capital punishment. Interested? Keep reading! So basically, my research deals with how kids shouldn’t be put under the death penalty even if they are sicko criminal because at the end of the day they’re kids. Kids will be kids right?! So don’t kill them because they need help. My paper will talk about this topic mainly. I also want to point out that if parents did their jobs kids wouldn’t have to go through this. So if you are parent reading this, I hope you know how to raise kids right.

Keywords: parents, kids, Capital punishment

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids will be kids. They make mistakes and often times don’t even know the nature of their actions and what they may cause. Capital punishment (The death penalty) is a government sanctioned practice where a person is killed by a state as a punishment for a crime that they’ve committed. In the united states the death penalty has been around since as long as there has been a justice system. This is something that I feel minors never should have and never should be subjected to.

Crime & Punishment

from The Beginning Of Time punishment and crime has gone hand in hand. Punishment should always be fair and just. The death penalty is something that minors should not be subjected to. Minors are not as blameworthy for their actions as adults are studies will how that the human brain isn’t fully developed well up until a person reaches the age of 25 (see references page for what I’m talking about). Buying alcohol , tobacco products , guns , registering to vote and even serving in the military all have age prohibitions on them so death penalty should require the same thing if one is too young to buy alcohol or register to vote they should be considered too young to be fully responsible for their actions and or choices they have made. we treat minors differently from adults in many sorts of ways because we recognize they are not fully formed intellectually, emotionally or ethically. It’s hard to justify the fact that at latest count, since 1973, 226 juvenile death sentences have been imposed. 22 minor offenders have been executed and 82 still remain on death row. Such a harsh sentence is understandable for repeat adult offenders, and or people whose patterns of behavior indicate they will never change their criminal ways. But minors are still developing, how can we justify a sentence that doesn’t recognize the possibility of change? It has been proven that minors have the biggest possibility for redemption. See references to see where I got this information.

Roper vs Simmons

March 1st 2005 a decision was made in the Roper vs Simmons case. Roper vs Simmons was a case in which was a landmark decision. the Supreme Court of the United States held that it is unconstitutional to impose capital punishment for crimes committed while under the age of 18. Aside from cruel and unusual punishment it can also be argued that children are less blameworthy than adults and have a better chance at rehabilitation brain development research has continued to prove what most people already know that children’s brains differ from adult brains (see references for information). The process of brain development starts at childhood and continues into adolescence and into early adulthood. The areas of the brain that regulate impulse control, risk factors and moral reasoning are more often than not the last to develop. Before this final stage of brain development begins, children and teenagers rely upon areas of the brain associated with aggressive and or impulsive behaviors. Their abilities to clearly understand the consequences of their actions and can’t fully weigh the risk these controls don’t fully develop until mid-twenties.

One time when I was little I took candy from the store and my mom was so mad. She took away my toys and gave me pow-pow on the top of my hand. I told her I was going to call the police but I got scared and didn’t. Looking back maybe it wasn’t abuse but I didn’t like pow-pow and I said I was sorry. One thing is for sure though, I loved that candy!!

There are laws put in place because the states feel that minors are too young to be in control of certain things for example one must be 21 in order to purchase alcohol , 18 to purchase Tabaco products , get tattoos and even to be able to access to your medical records without a parent as well as vote. Why is it that these laws are put in place? because it is believed that younger than this can be too immature. If children can be seen as too young for those things how is it that they can be given adult punishment when it comes to crime.

Though acknowledging the fact that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and violates the 8th amendment right. This doesn’t mean that minors should go unpunished crime is indeed still crime and there should still be punished for their actions but there should be better alternatives. I believe minors should be sentenced to detention camps and be evaluated upon arrival then once they hit the age of 21 they should be evaluated again and that evaluation will determine if they have properly grew and if they are and are not a danger to society anymore and if they aren’t they should be released and be allowed to put the crimes of their childhood behind them.

Concluding Remarks

My final point is that you have to have faith that some things are good and some things are bad. There are things that hurt, and some that feel good. Capital Punishment should make you feel bad. If you don’t feel bad maybe you’re crazy and should be committed. Anyway, you should not believe in it because I most certainly do not!

You know the old saying kids will be kids. that’s exactly what they will be they’re going to play they’re going to make mistakes it’s all part of growing up. Mistakes made during adolescence shouldn’t result in them having their life taken from them. They should be offered alternatives such as counseling, work programs, even boot camps can serve as a better alternative. It is our job to love protect and defend our youth not to kill them off.

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