Water research project The availability of freshwater is rapidly changing all over the world, creati Natural science – Research paper

The availability of freshwater is rapidly changing all over the world, creating a tenuous future that
requires attention from policymakers and the public. Water security
-a phrase that simply means
naving access to surticient quantities of sale water Tor our dally lives Is at a greater risk than most
people realize. Your task is to prepare a news report which will explain water scarcity issues in a
community of your choice.

Create a catchy header that includes the name of your community
Include your name as the autor
A description of the community:
Where Is it located?
IS It a HIC or LiC?
Population size
Where does their main source of water come from?
What is its water scarcity Classification: Extremely High, High,
Medium-High, LOW-Medium, LoW?
Explain the causes of water insecunty (politics, poverty, Climate
change, water pollution, limited infrastructure, over-abstraction)
How has the community been alfected by water scarcity?
What is currently being done to improve water security in this
Who is in charge of _hese projects? policymakers? the public?
Do you belleve that these steps are enough to Improve waler
secunty? why or why nat?
What steps should be taken to protect the citizens of your
commumity I current strategies do not work?

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